"Your old enough to know its not good to smoke."
"It's called the bro code fuck face and you fucked me."
"Put it in."
"She's special, stoned and us."
"We aren't that beautiful in real life."
"I'm not cut out for this work shit."
"You have a cat, I have a social life."
"I drank so much I made myself puke.  Now that's sophisticated."
"I'll take the silver spoon every time."
"Drink up now because I've got no booze at home."
"I'm soooo easy, just buy me wine or chocolate."
"I'm into old men."
"I have trouble sitting in chairs."
"I say clever shit all the time."
"This is why time pisses me off."
"I will share my bed with you... but NOT my chocolate."
"I am also coming back from set-backs, having two children."
"This blanket must be knit by the Gods."
"Just one more..."
A wiseman once said ... "Too much is never enough."
"He irks me on a day to day basis."
"They're not that big."
"If I go out tonight I might just have to do drink... and have sex."
"It hurts like a bitch, but you feel like a lady afterwards."
"Look... I actually have sweat marks on my shirt.  I didn't think I sweat."
"I thought your powers exceeded the Universe."
"Incompetent by choice."
"Do you want to have fun, or hang out with a boy all night?"
"It doesn't really matter how even it is you're just going to fuck it up anyway."
"Indulge unto the brink of shame."