"The United States fucked up again."
-regarding enviornmental issues
"Swallowed into a Sexy Abyss"
"The disruption in your life is making my life intolerable."
"It's like a disco-ball on your face."
"I love you, but I am so glad you are going out because I can't be bothered to listen to you all night."
"I just look at it, and have to shit."
"I just remembered that I peed behind a bush last night on my date."
"I can't leave my organics on the kitchen counter, but you can leave your scab on the coffee table... That's it!  I'm calling a family meeting."
"Don’t worry.  My words are not going to alter the universe."
"Your old enough to know its not good to smoke."
"It's called the bro code fuck face and you fucked me."
"Put it in."
"She's special, stoned and us."
"We aren't that beautiful in real life."
"I'm not cut out for this work shit."
"You have a cat, I have a social life."
"I drank so much I made myself puke.  Now that's sophisticated."
"I'll take the silver spoon every time."
"Drink up now because I've got no booze at home."